CentralApp updates
CentralApp updates

Fixes & Improvements





  • PDF: Fix an issue where PDF could not be uploaded
  • Google Analytics : Update documentation on how to inclure your own Google Analytics 4.
  • Demo request : Add an option to request a demo with our Customer Sucess team.
  • Cancelation request: Add more self service link to the cancelation form.
  • Onboarding: Add a self onboarding checklist on dashboard & add granularity to the t
  • Admin: Create better transparency for our customer success team on the state of Instagram, Google & Facebook connection for all clients.


  • Header: Fix multiple issue in the Header of website (Transparent nav with secondary nav, fix flickering effect in logo animation, remove preference for logomark)
  • Footer: Small improvement in Website footer (including the showcase the logo & opening hours on mobile
  • Performance: Start to enforce improved image format (WebP on website cover & PNG on favicon)
  • Images: Display credits on image when available.
  • Hours: Start taking into account special opening hours of the week in the display of opening hours.

New Language : Catalan




One of the best ways you can serve many different types of clients is by offering your website in the languages your guests speak. On the advanced plans, you can now offer your website in several different languages.

We have now added the option to enable : Catalan

Under your Settings & Information, go to the Languages tab and scroll down to secondary language. Select which language(s) you want to add and click enable this language.

Capture d’écran 2023-10-25 à 10.15.34.png

Note that the translations will not be automatic, you will need to translate your text in your secondary languages for the About information and tagline.

If you need to change the primary language of your website or check if you plan allows multi-language functionalities, contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

Enforcing legal informations




To bolster user trust in our client websites and shield website owners from potential legal complications with various laws and regulations, such as those pertaining to consumer protection, data privacy, and copyright, we are instituting a requirement for users to provide information about the entity responsible for a website's content.

In our role as an EU technology provider, it is incumbent upon us to take proportionate measure to enforce those rules. Therefore, failure to furnish this essential legal information will result in a temporary suspension of the website until the required details are supplied*

To streamline this process, users now have the option to swiftly import this information from their billing records with a single click

Capture d’écran 2023-10-19 à 10.40.01.png

The enforcement timeline is as follows:

  • 1/11/2023: No new website will go online without those information.
  • 31/12/2024: All website with missing legal information will be deactivated.

Automatic Translation (Beta)




For years, we've dedicated significant effort to ensure that our features are readily accessible in multiple languages. As a result, our website product now natively accommodates up to 13 different languages.

Most of our users have websites enabled in more than one language. However, we've observed that some websites had active languages but incomplete content translations. To address this, we've introduced a new feature that automatically translates content from your primary language.

Capture d’écran 2023-10-13 à 11.54.50.png

🤖 BETA: This option is only available on the about us page for the Introduction and description. We will extend the support in the coming weeks.

💡 Good to know Creating a website in multiple languages is essential to expands your potential audience and customer base as visitors can access content in their preferred language, which fosters inclusivity and accessibility. Moreover, multilingual websites can improve search engine optimization by targeting keywords in different languages, ultimately boosting visibility and traffic.

Image Uploader - External Sources




Sometimes you may not have the right picture to illustrate your website. To help you to find quality and copyright free images, we have released a new feature for our image uploader.

You will now be able to directly use on your website images from Unsplash & Pexels

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 09.44.33 (1).png

If your instagram account is connected to CentralApp, you will also be able to use pictures from your Instagram account.

Multi-language Tabs




As a further improvement to reduce the number of incomplete translations, we have have made our our multi-language tab system more user friendly.

We also display a small alert when some content is not translated.

Capture d’écran 2023-10-19 à 10.37.19.png

Image uploader - Retouching




We understand just how important pictures are to increase the conversion to make your website attractive. That's why we simplified the retouching (crop, zoom, rotation) of photos when added on CentralApp


Food Order - Delivery & Takeaway




We noticed from your various feedbacks that the ordering flow could become quite confusing on some websites. This was mostly an issue for:

  • Website that use multiple delivery & takeaway methods.
  • Multi-location website.

As part of this improvement, we now distinguish the ordering flow between takeaway and delivery. This makes it possible to only display the relevant informations and partners when users arrive on the ordering step.


As as small improvement, we have also redesigned the partner component to make them more responsive.

Website preview - Main Color




Since we introduced the preview page, most user are trying different branding directly from the website preview page (and not the branding page in the settings). For this reason we'll slowly increase the number of options that can be previewed and then changed directly from this page.

The third option we wanted to introduce on this page is the Main color as it can dramatically change the look & feel of any preview.

In the preview settings, under main color, You will now be able to choose from a suggested list of color or pick a custom color. If this new color is something you like, you will be able to save those changes


💡 Good to know: the secondary color still needs to be changed directly in the website settings, there is however a fallback system that will choose the best secondary color for you website if the secondary color remains undefined.

WebP Support





To increase the performance of our websites offerings, we released an improved version of our "Image service". This service stands in front of all images that are hosted on CentralApp. The recent improvements were also necessary to cope with the ever increasing requirement of loading time for mobile devices.

To improve the loading time, we have decided to change our image format to WebP. This new image format is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. This means all images will now be 25-34% smaller than comparable JPEG images at equivalent quality. More information on WebP on Google Blog

What will happen for images :

  • All images uploaded on CentralApp from now on will automatically be converted and stored as WebP.
  • For images that have already been uploaded on CentralApp, you have nothing to do, we will slowly migrate existing images in the next few months based on their relative usage and impact on the loading time of each website.

Good to know: It's now possible to directly upload WebP images on CentralApp